A new world is for people like me. People who want to change not little by little but everything, immediately. All at once. Emma says I should not look up, to the sky, and dream of travelling away. But my sister doesn't know that for me, every day is a nightmare of my own making, and I feel the world shaking beneath my feet.

On another planet, will the sun shine brighter for people like me?


Martin ten Kortenaar trained at Canada's National Ballet School in the Professional Ballet Program for 5 years. Martin graduated in 2012 and received the Peter Dwyer Award and the Glenn Gilmour Award in that year. In 2013 Martin joined The National Ballet of Canada as an apprentice, and in 2014 joined the Dutch National Ballet's Junior Company. While still in the Junior Company, Martin performed a number of soloist roles with the main company, including the lead Spirit of Summer in Christopher Wheeldon's Cinderella. After one year in the Junior Company he was offered a corps de ballet contract for the 2015/16 season. During his short career Martin has already danced a number of soloist roles including the Peasant Pas de Quatre in Giselle, Lead Flowers in The Nutcracker, Vadime de Masloff in Ted Brandsen's new full-length ballet, Mata Hari.

In search of direction

Martin's character struggles with a sense of meaninglessness, a deep inner pain that leaves him feeling completely disconnected from the world around him. Martin portrays this with beautiful nuance.
- Robert Binet, choreographer

Over the next year, each of the Wild Space dancers will bring their own version of Terra Incognita to their home cities. They will adapt the work for a unique space in their city and collaborate with local artists to bring the performance to life so that our ballet will be reinterpreted and recontextualized by four different cities.

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