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For Wild Space's 2nd adventure, Robert Binet is developing a new immersive ballet inspired by the story of Fordlândia - a town and factory complex built by The Ford Company deep in the Amazon Rainforest in the 1920s that was quickly abandoned and reclaimed by nature. The dance at times casts the performers as forces of nature overtaking what man has built, and at times as humans witnessing and experiencing the decay and powerlessness so central to this story, and to our relationship with the natural world.

This first iteration of the project is presented in collaboration with sculptor Harley Valentine.

Upcoming Presentations

Toronto, Canada

July 28th, 9:30pm
178 Queens Quay East

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July 29th, 8pm
178 Queens Quay East

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July 29th, 9:30pm
178 Queens Quay East

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Choreographed by Robert Binet
Visual design by Harley Valentine
Featuring Félix Paquet, Jenna Savella and Dylan Tedaldi of the National Ballet of Canada
Music by Jóhann Jóhannsson and Gavin Bryars
Photo by Karolina Kuras in the Harley Valentine Studio