They each caught me, with a different kind of love. I'm not the first person to be caught this way. I believed for a moment that I could choose to stay or go, to look up or down. I believed for a moment that this was about who I loved the most. But there is a destiny inside me, to feel the earth beneath my feet. I want to see the view seen by all those who came before me and those who will come after. Watch the sun rise the same way it always did, as far back as any of us can remember. They will leave me, and things are not the same. But forever, I'm here. This earth has claimed me, just as the new world claimed the ones I love.

Every year, once a year, for one night, all the lights in the world go out. Every city in the world goes dark for an hour, to clear the sky, to see the new world. If you look up, you know they're up there. Restarting. Reinventing. Building a new world, from the ground up.


Emma Hawes trained at the BalletMet's Dance Academy in Columbus, Ohio and Canada's National Ballet School. She joined The National Ballet of Canada in 2011 and was promoted to Second Soloist in 2015. Recently, Ms. Hawes debuted as Princess Florine in The Sleeping Beauty and as Sugar Plum Fairy and The Snow Queen in The Nutcracker. She has created lead roles in Robert Binet's Unearth, Orpheus Becomes Eurydice and White Rush. Her repertoire also includes Swan Lake, Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Nijinsky,The Seagull,The Four Seasons and Theme and Variations. In 2012, Ms. Hawes represented the National Ballet in The Tenth International Competition for The Erik Bruhn Prize and received the Audience Choice Award for Favourite Female Competitor.

The centre of the conflict

Emma's character is at the centre of conflicts between duty and love, known and unknown, and who she believes herself to be and what the world is asking her to be. Emma captures every nuance of this struggle with heart-wrenching clarity.
- Robert Binet, choreographer

Over the next year, each of the Wild Space dancers will bring their own version of Terra Incognita to their home cities. They will adapt the work for a unique space in their city and collaborate with local artists to bring the performance to life so that our ballet will be reinterpreted and recontextualized by four different cities.

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